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What is Fascia? 

If you held a raw chicken breast in your hand, you would notice a tight cluster of white tissue. That hard white bunch of elastic structure is fascia. 

When Fascia becomes tight (due to decrease in mobility, surgery or trauma) the fascia will compress against bone and muscle. In the muscle, even the muscle fibers react to this constriction. Here you get knots, trigger point or adhesions. The goal in a session is to encourage the fascia to relax. This would also include muscle fibers relaxing. I spend time stretching the fascia over the muscle groups while encouraging re absorption of the adhesions.

Testing Low Dorsal


Unfortunately Medical Insurance does not cover MFR. Just as most integrative health modalities are not covered. 

Using MFR while you are also in PT, OT or seeing a chiropractor supports the expedited healing process as all the modalities listed are used to support the structure, avoid over compensation and to increase fluid, blood and energy circulation. 

Baby Stretches

What Age is Appropriate? 

If you have restrictions, if you are clear for massage, you are eligible for MFR. 

Physical Therapy Exercise


All of my clients are by name referral only. I am currently traveling to my clients place of business or their home. Until I can offer a Brick and Mortar, I will stay by name only for the sake of safety. 

Leaf Pattern Design


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