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Wendy Efraimsen

I have studied under some of the most professionally known individuals in their respective fields. In 2015, I received a significant opportunity to learn Applied Kinesiology through mentors who believed in my talents. I studied kinesiology with acupuncturists, chiropractors, and nutritionists throughout the West Texas area. In 2017, I completed my Advanced Kinesiology training in the Austin, Texas area, where my skill set flourished, and I found my passion for helping people feel good in the bodies they were given.

I became a nationally recognized French Aromatherapist, utilizing my understanding of Supplements and the their ingredients, to help clients better understand their particular needs.

In 2017 I moved to the Memphis area. This meant starting anew. 

I pursued Myofascial Release training under John Barnes in Texas, completing several seminars, Myofascial release 1, MFR 2, MFR unwinding, MFR Fascial Pelvis. 

Grateful for my unique path, I've been taught beyond the standard LMT curriculum, shaping me into the therapist I am today. Currently working with ACOLS, I aim to become LANA licensed, focusing on lymphatic therapy. 

Wendy Efraimsen

My Approach

I thought the way to heal was to power through. To be as tough as nails, to girt and bare the pain.

I used Lactose balls, kettle bells, scraping and all the things that look like they hurt.

I used them on myself thinking this would break the knots and I would feel relief. 

Frustrated with pain in simple tasks, like moving from sitting to standing, I needed to find a practice that offered more than temporary relief. 

Soft Gentle Patience 

I had to spend time, accepting that I was not in control of the outcome. Being patient with myself, I noticed the softer I was, the less I demanded a restriction to absorb, the more relief I was obtaining. 

I bring this approach to all my clients. I practice MFR, releasing Fascial restrictions. 

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